Kochi is home to some of the best beaches in Kerala. But most of the tourists visiting Kochi, miss out on the best beaches. It’s not just the mesmerizing view of the beach but also, the variety of seafoods by the coastal areas are something very special! You could take a visit to our restaurants to find some of the best Kerala cuisine seafood dishes. Now, let us find out the most popular beaches to visit in Kochi.

1.Cherai Beach

Located beyond the outskirts of the city of Kochi, is the calm and beautiful Cherai beach. It’s about an hour ride from Presidency Hotel, and the journey through the roads by the beach side can be fun!

2.Kuzhupilly Beach

Another beach located near to Cherai beach is Kuzhupilly Beach. Cherai beach can get crowded at times, and if you are looking for rather a peaceful beach with less crowd, then this the beach for you. Enjoy the view of sunset sitting on seashore by tree lines! The thick tree lines by the beach makes it different from the rest.

3. Lighthouse beach

Puthuvype beach or Lighthouse Beach is another most visited beach in Kochi. Near to the beach is a light house which is open to visitors. And a view of the area from the top of the lighthouse can be enthralling. The evenings at this beach can give one a pleasant experience, enjoying some of the hot spicy snacks available in the area.

4.Fort Kochi

The beach at Fort Kochi is not recommended if you are trying to have a swim but still, it can be a good place to chill. Even the beach at Fort Kochi has its historical significance! The first naval war between the Dutch and the Portuguese took place right here at Fort Kochi. The beach is filled with historical sites, antique sellers, street foods, and art works which will provide you with a special vibe especially in the evenings.

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