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Spa & Fitness Centre

Sahyadri Ayurvedic Spa is providing its services in Presidency Hotel Cochin.

Presidency Hotel’s Earth Spa & Wellness is the ideal place to relax after a long and stressful day. You will discover the true meaning of H2O and what it can do for human body and spirit. This treatment is a magical and heavenly experience for every individual. The mind, body and spirit are the mainstream of our healthy living. "Spa" is the word even doctors recommend for healthy and stress free lifestyle. Our Spa & Wellness not only provides ayurvedic massages but also a cure for exclusive personal maintenance, aromatherapy and other personal applications with not merely simple physical relief but also comfort your soul.

At our Spa& Wellness, our main goal is to cleanse you from negative energy. Our professional and qualified staff, with our H2O and aromatic oil massages, will relieve you from your stress. You will notice that your natural garment, your skin will breath differently, your body and soul will unite and feel within this peace, the difference in the rays of the sun and how beautifully they illuminate our world. Your spirit and body will rejoice and you will glow with positive energy as you leave our spa