An exquisite destination to unwind yourself. The Queen of Arabian sea promises to leave tourists awestruck from backwaters to historical sites!

Marine Drive

2.6km away from Presidency Hotel

Marine Drive is a picturesque walkway in the city of Kochi. It is built adjacent to the backwaters, and is a popular hangout for the locals and tourists alike. No vehicles are allowed to the walkway and the area is a major spot for shopping.

Lulu Mall

6km away from Presidency Hotel

Lulu mall is one of the largest malls in India and one of the most visited places in Kerala. An average daily footfall to the mall comes around 80,000 and mall has a total retail space of 6.2 lakh square feet.

Kerala Folklore Museum

7.3km away from Presidency Hotel

Take a leap into history to witness and experience the magnificence of Kerala’s tradition! Kerala Folklore museum is a must visit place if you are a fan of history.

Vypin Lighthouse Beach

10km away from Presidency Hotel

The lighthouse beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kochi. Spending an evening by the beach enjoying the sunset can be a pleasant experience. Besides that, a view of the area from top of the lighthouse is amazing!

Paradesi Synagogue

12.1km away from Presidency Hotel

Located in Mattancherry, it is one of the oldest Synagogues in Commonwealth of nations. Constructed in 1568 by Jews who settled in Kerala, the site is surely to amaze you with richness of history.

Dutch Palace

12.3km away from Presidency Hotel

The Palace was originally built by the Portuguese in the year 1555 and later renovations were carried on by the Dutch in 1663. Since then, the palace was popularly known as the Dutch Palace. The story the palace has to tell is enthralling.

Jain Temple

12.6km away from Presidency Hotel

A place of worship for the Jain community and also, a tourist attraction in Kochi known for its architecture, ambience and pigeon show and feeding held every day.

Hill Palace Museum

14.5km away from Presidency Hotel

The palace is the largest archeological museum in Kerala. The palace is built in traditional architectural style and is home to rare species of medical plants.

Vasco Da Gama Church

14.6km away from Presidency Hotel

Also known as St. Francis church was built in the year 1503 is one of the oldest churches in India, amplifying its historical significance.

Fort Kochi Beach

14.7km away from Presidency Hotel

A beach that has witnessed many historical incidents, including the first naval war between the Dutch and the Portuguese. The beach also has markets, restaurants, the popular Chinese Fishing Nets.

Cherai Beach

27km away from Presidency Hotel

Situated beyond the outskirts of the city is the peaceful and mesmerizing Cherai Beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in Kochi. Take a walk along the seashore enjoying the breeze or take a swim to unwind yourself!


61km away from Presidency Hotel

As a tourist, you should not miss a chance to take a ride through the backwaters of Alappuzha. Easily accessible from the city of Kochi, it is a good location for one day trip.


125km away from Presidency Hotel

If Kochi boasts history and seaside lifestyle, Munnar is a place of scenic beauty. Seen the beaches of Kochi? Then the serene hills and tea plantations in Munnar is a perfect getaway from the busy city life.

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